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That's right Ladies and Gentlemen ... YOU DON'T HAVE TO ...
That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen … YOU DON’T HAVE TO …

Photo101 Gallery and Reflection

Treasure Natural World and Solitude are my favorites ..

Victim to Charm

Every day in November I posted both a written piece for NaBloPoMo and a photo for the WordPress Photography 101 course. Doing just one or the other would’ve been WAY less stressful, but why not go all out?

Here are my takeaways from Photo101:

  • I didn’t take a single new photo for the course. Mostly that was due to schedule restraints, since I’m a full-time college student. I also work part-time and am pretty involved in student organizations on campus. I’m amazed I can keep up my usual 2-3x/week blogging schedule on top of all that, so posting both a written piece and a photo every day meant going into my archives for the photos. While I would’ve loved to use Photography 101 as an excuse to go out and shoot, it just wasn’t an option for me.
  • That said, I really enjoyed using Photo 101 as an opportunity to go through old photos.

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Immortal Jukebox: Bill Withers

The Immortal Jukebox

A2:  Bill Withers:  Lean On Me

‘A good man out of the treasure of his heart bringeth forth good things’ (Matthew)

‘Lean on me when you’re not strong and I’ll help you to carry on’ (BIll Withers)

Bill Withers stuttered painfully as a boy and young man which meant he didn’t say much.  What he did do was listen carefully and thoughtfully to the people around him in his family and his community.  Bill was  born and brought up in poor blue collar West Virginia mining communities where every day was a struggle with the constant background threat of injury and disaster.

In such communities loyalty, mutual reliance  and co-operation were not painted storybook virtues but living realities.   People worked with and for each other so that everyones burden would be a little lighter and thus more bearable.  Bill was and is a proud working man who knows the labourer…

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Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow!

The Immortal Jukebox


Somewhere in my memory and imagination there’s always a train. Maybe it’s the evening train soothing me to sleep or perhaps it’s the night train letting loose its eerie lonesome whistle as it heads off into the darkness in search of the dawn.

Trains heading from shore to shore, north and south, east and west, over the mountains, through the valleys and the deserts, across the endless plains. Travellers, clutching their ticket to ride, look out the window at the passing show wondering anxiously or excitedly about the welcome waiting for them at their destination.

We get on trains for all kinds of reasons. Because we got in trouble and had to roam, because we need to make a new home, a new life, in a new place where nobody knows our name. Because we are starting a new adventure or running back to safety after a failed adventure…

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Depression and love